About Us and Our Buildings

Lindome Structures is a family owned and operated company that believes strongly in purchasing high-quality domestic and European components and producing a durable product. We believe in building relationships with our clients and have done so for over 30 years.

Since 1983, Lindome Structure's portable buildings have met the toughest standards for quality. Some of our original building installations are still used in good condition with their original covers after 30 years. Our portable storage buildings survive year-after-year in some of the harshest weather conditions. Though most of our buildings include some customization, our most standard features include:

  • Quality design and construction - customized to meet your specific requirements
  • Square and rectangular tube steel frames - which offer 30% greater tensile strength than round tube frames
  • Fabric or sheet metal cladding
  • Vinyl coated polyester fabric is one of the toughest in the industry. We use 25 35oz fabric, depending on the application
  • Fabric is fire-retardant and includes a UV protective coating, with translucence that allows natural light into the interior building area
  • If your building is damaged, we will come to perform onsite repairs without having to decommission the entire structure
  • In-house installation team can assemble and dismantle buildings on your site
  • Low operating cost

Our buildings are designed, manufactured, installed and serviced by our in-house team. Each building is designed with durability and permanence in mind, but can be quickly dismantled and relocated when the need arises.

Your practical and economical
building alternative since 1983
quality design and
low operating cost
custom designed to
meet your specific