Aircraft Hangars

Lindome Structures has provided storage solutions for many different individuals and companies in the aviation industry. Our custom hangars range from large commercial aircraft hangars to small hobby aircraft storage sheds. Advantages of choosing a Lindome aircraft hangar include:
  • Suitable to situations where access is restricted or environmental impact must be minimized
  • Custom options with insulation, heating and isolated doors available for harsh climates
  • Full-span vertical lift doors maximize interior space efficiency of each hangar
  • Engineered low arc height offers reduced exposure to wind and snow loads
  • All buildings feature standard toughness and durability

Our hangars offer translucent, natural interior light not available in conventional metal aircraft hangars. The hangers do not require a foundation and can be anchored in a wide variety of different soil conditions. We have supplied aircraft hangars to some of the harshest environments on earth, complete with insulating interior membranes, heaters and isolated doors allowing service work to be done to aircraft in extreme weather conditions.

Space efficiency is always an issue. We maximize every inch of your hanger with our full span vertical lift doors, mounted to the outside of the structure in some cases.

Because we custom build so many of our fabric buildings, unlike other tent structures, we are able to lower the arc height of the building to a more efficient profile. This allows you the space that you need without having to heat and ventilate space that you don't use.

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