Engineered Fabrics

Lindome Structures has incorporated custom fabric solutions within its custom-built structures for 30 years. We have now designed our fabric doors and partitions so that they can be incorporated for use in any industrial setting.

Advantages to our fabric doors include:
  • Custom designed and custom built in-house, for a large range of sizes
  • Fasten to your existing door opening
  • Manual and remote-operated options available
  • Suitable for harsh climates, including high wind loads
  • Single-wall and double-wall options available
  • See our Custom Applications page to view other custom applications
  • Download our Fabric Doors Brochure
Other custom fabric solutions include:
  • New covers for existing tent structures
  • Insulated fabrics
  • Tarps and covers
All our fabric solutions use the toughest fabrics in the industry which are fire-retardant and PVC-coated to ensure durability and lifespan.

Partitions and soft walls:

Sized specifically for your application and available in manual or motorized operation. Soft partitions, fabric curtains and fabric walls are an economical solution for indoors use as well. Partitions are used for containment of air born contamination like, grinding dust, saw dust, odors, fumes or just simply room division. As about our welding curtains and retractable spray booths which guard against paint overspray and fumes.

Retractable rain roofs:

A simple method of redirecting rain water or blocking UV light, this customizable, retractable fabric roof system is an awning style system that can quickly be contracted to allow access and then extend to shelter you product.

Containment berms:

In an effort to prevent environmental damage from accidental spills or leaks from equipment, companies turn to methods of ensuring the containment and storage of harmful products. Secondary containment such as spill berms and drip trays can be quickly deployed to ensure the minimization of contamination. Manufactured from durable PVC Engineered fabric and designed specifically to the application spill kits can be designed for large areas with knock down frames or small stand-alone units.

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