Fall Arrest and Fall Protection

As industry adapts to ever-increasing safety guidelines, fall arrest is essential in work places that require workers to perform tasks in high places. Lindome Structures has incorporated these fall protection systems into our already high standards of engineering. The end product allows for a quickly installed shelter and fall protection system all in one with no expensive foundation work required.

Current Regulations:
CSA and OHS regulations state that proper fall protection measures are to be implemented in a wide variety of applications:
  • In work yards where trucks are being loaded and drivers are rolling out tarps on their loads.
  • In rail yard and bus depots where service work and maintenance is performed above 8 feet.

By incorporating fall arrest into a Lindome Structure you can have a complete turnkey, engineered and documented system which also provides shelter from the elements. In open work yards where the safety requirements dictate a fall arrest system, why not also offer a rain and snow free environment where workers can safely and comfortably go about doing their jobs.

Lindome Structures also manufactures an array custom designed free standing and portable fall protection units ideal for the unique requirements of your location. Some yards require their fall protection to move to where the work is being done while shops with limited space require something individually designed and compactable. Regardless of the application all custom built fall protection solutions will be professionally designed and engineered.

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